YNF produces couplings that are widely used in the construction machinery field, industrial field, marine industry field, etc.
The series of couplings that we produce:

A / AS Coupling
H Coupling
K Coupling
Flange Coupling
Coupling Spline / Gear Spline Hub
S Coupling
CB Coupling
TFC Coupling
Iron Rigid Coupling
Pipe Hose Coupling
KY Coupling
GC Coupling
GR Coupling

A/AS Coupling

A / AS Coupling is a kind of flexible coupling made of natural rubber with a high performance of flexible. YNF, one of the leading flexible coupling manufacturers located in Guangdong, China, makes rubber couplings (rubber couplers), rubber mounts, rubber hose, and other rubber parts and excavator parts, excavator coupling, air compressor couplings, marine couplings for more than 30 years. The A/AS coupling rubber is a perfect replacement for the Lovejoy coupling, Centaflex CF-A series couplings, and Mikipulley couplings.

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