Bowex Coupling KTR BoWex FLE-PA Rigid Flange Coupling

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Bowex Coupling KTR

1. Who is KTR?

KTR, a Germany company located in Rheine, German, is one of the leaders in power transmission industry. It was establised in 1950s. KTR provides a wide range of couplings, for manufacturers and users of pumps and compressors.

2. What KTR supplies?

KTR supplies many series of couplings, including Flexible jaw couplings and pin & bush couplings, Gear couplings / Curved-tooth gear couplings, Backlash-free servo couplings, Steel laminae coupling, Flange couplings, Magnetic couplings.

3. About Bowex Coupling series

Here we discuss about the flange couplings. The flange couplings that KTR provides, include 3 series. They are BoWex FLE-PA, BoWex-ELASTIC, MONOLASTIC. Among them, BoWex FLE-PA is the rigid flange coupling while BoWex-ELASTIC and MONOLASTIC are flexible flange couplings. Although they are different kinds of couplings, they are all widely used on Excavators (installed between the hydraulic pump and diesel engine) and air compresors (engine drive) and marine as well.

BoWex FLE-PA meet the SAE standard. There are different models in BoWex FLE-PA for customers and manufacturers to choose. They include: SAE 6 1/2'', 7 1/2'', 8'', 10'', 11 1/2'', 14''.

The BoWex FLE-PA models are 48 FLE-PA 6 1/2'', 48 FLE-PA 7 1/2'', 48 FLE-PA 8'', 48 FLE-PA 10'', T48 FLE-PA 6 1/2'', T48 FLE-PA 7 1/2'', T48 FLE-PA 8'', T48 FLE-PA 10'', T55 FLE-PA 6 1/2'', T55 FLE-PA 7 1/2'', T55 FLE-PA 8'', T55 FLE-PA 10'', 65 FLE-PA 8'', 65 FLE-PA 10'', 65 FLE-PA 11 1/2'', T65 FLE-PA 8'', T65 FLE-PA 10'', T65 FLE-PA 11 1/2'', T70 FLE-PA 10'', 80 FLE-PA 10'', 80 FLE-PA 11 1/2'', 100 FLE-PA 11 1/2'', 100 FLE-PA 14'', T100 FLE-PA 11 1/2'', T100 FLE-PA 14'', 125 FLE-PA 11 1/2'', 125 FLE-PA 14'', T125 FLE-PA 11 1/2'', T125 FLE-PA 14'', etc.

4. About the price

Beyond all doubt, to be leader, you have to be the best. And your products have to be the best too. KTR is certainly one of the leaders of power transimissioin industry. Its products are also high quality. But its price including its reputation value, which inflat the price to a high level. That means if you use KTR products, you need to pay for not only its products material but also its reputation value. The inflation is too much, so there are many customers complaining about the high price. More customers are looking forward to having a replacement with reasonable price and stable quality. In this way, they can save cost and keep their machine working smoothly. This makes the aftermarket product have market. But it's not always easy to choose an aftermarket couplings. You need to check their quality, their exprerience too. Only the one who has rich coupling exprerience may meet your mind.

Here we recommend YNF. YNF has more than 30 years experiences in the coupling manufacturing and selling. YNF provides a wide range of couplings not only the replacement for BoWex FLE-PA coupling, but also the other power transmission products like flexible rubber couplings, clutches, gear couplings, spider couplings, etc. With the power of wide range couplings and the manufacturing ability, YNF can serve many customers from the excavator manufacturersm excavator owners, excavator dealers, excavator parts suppliers, excavator parts dealers, air compressor owners, air compressor parts dealers and suppliers, and more.

5. Do you need a replacment for BoWex FLE-PA couplings?

Don't make your machine slowdown, don't make it breakdown. Save time means save money, evern earn money.

Contact YNF, NOW! We will be very glad to provide you any coupling solutions.

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